2016 Photo Galleries

Here for you to enjoy are two large galleries of photos from our 2016 Festival.  Make plans now to join us in August of 2018!

2016 Bay to Lake Lighthouse Cruise

Boats are made to be used!  Prior to the start of our Festival on Friday, registered boaters enjoyed the first annual Bay to Lake Lighthouse Cruise.  We began by learning a bit about Door County’s lighthouses from Jon Gast of the Door County Maritime Museum up in the museum’s lighthouse gallery.

Full of knowledge, we boarded our boats and headed west/northwest on Sturgeon Bay past Fincantieri Bay Ship’s yards out to Green Bay to visit the Sherwood Point Lighthouse.  The plan was to run out there and gather under the light for photos.  We didn’t make it.  The northwesterly wind had, unfortunately, created a nasty chop, and that prevented us from getting there.  Yet, hardy souls that we are, we did enjoy a nice, if wet, ride.

We returned to Sturgeon Bay, cruised up the channel and tied up at the Yacht Harbor Marina.  From there it was a casual stroll to the Sturgeon Bay Yacht Club for lunch.  We were early and forced to tread water at the bar for a while.  We “struggled” through the delay, and the lunch was delicious.

After lunch, the second part of the cruise went according to plan.  We headed southeast under the Bay Bridge and entered the ship canal built just after the Civil War to tie Green Bay with Lake Michigan.  We motored to the big lake and enjoyed a nice stop just off the Coast Guard Station.  From there we cruised back to the museum, enjoying a little high speed run, to tie up and ready ourselves for the evening’s cocktail reception.

If you have a classic or wooden boat, you should plan to join us next year!

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Photos from Saturday’s Festival

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